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About Us

Why Cell Phone City?

Cell Phone City is a family-owned business in Fort Wayne. We are the longest running cell phone repair business around here. We are proud to provide top quality service to your smartphone repair needs and most of our services can be done within the same day.

High Quality Parts

We stock high quality replacement parts for most iPhone, top of the line smart phones, iPads and tablets. This means that you get fast repairs and parts exactly for your device.

Same Day Phone Repairs

Most repairs can be done within the same day. We can do this because we carry most replacement parts needed and using our years of experience we don’t waste time looking up repairs or facing trial and error.

The First To Repair Your iPhones/iPads in The Fort Wayne Area

How We Run A Successful Cell Phone Repair Business

Years of Experience

Many Years of Experience Repairing Devices

Cell Phone City was founded on the love of technology. It was the curiosity that drives some to tear apart devices just to re-build them and understand their inner workings is the same drive that built us.

Customer Service

Long Term Customer Service Satisfaction Is Our #1 Priority

We run our business with the customer in mind. We know that your device was expensive and we don’t want to charge you another arm and a leg to get your device fixed. We pride ourselves on low prices and high quality repairs.

A True Small Business

Serving Fort Wayne and More

We are not a large franchise business. We operate only out of our location here in Fort Wayne and love that we can provide you with a personalized hometown service.

Constantly Learning

Always Innovating and Learning

We like to be on top of our game. We will learn how to fix the newest devices as soon as they’re available for us to test, tear apart and re-build. We want to know how to replace your new phone before anyone even breaks one.

The Love of Tech

We Are True Tech Enthusiasts

We love technology. As technology continues to grow into new avenues we are on top of it. We want to know what is new in the tech world and how it works from the inside. This gives you the advantage of having a true techie on your side 🙂

About Cell Phone City