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What Makes a Premium iPhone Screen Replacement?

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What Makes a Premium iPhone Screen Replacement?

It’s in The Layers…

An iPhone screen is made up of several layers of glass, films, adhesives, flex cables, LED’s and more. In order to have a True OEM screen, every single one of those layers needs to be made from the original OEM material, supplied by the original manufacturer, and assembled by the original assembly provider.

Repair Shops Can’t Get You OEM Parts …

Due to Apple’s restrictive policies on repair, OEM Apple iPhone parts are nearly impossible to get. If you are lucky enough to get one, it is very difficult to even distinguish it from the most premium replacement screens. Realistically, as long as the screen is made with high-end replacement parts and assembled by a reliable assembler you should have a great experience. If not, just ask your repair tech for help.

Assembly is Where the Difference is…

The most important difference in replacement iPhone screens is the LED. Some have aftermarket LED’s and some do not. There are several factories in China that manufacture aftermarket LED screens for iPhones and most of them are similar quality, with slight variances. After the manufacturing process comes the assembly process. The assembly process is truly what separates standard quality and premium quality iPhone replacement screens. There are thousands of businesses and individuals that assemble aftermarket iPhone screens. If your screen comes from a top rate assembler, they will use higher quality top glass, digitizer, led, polarizer, adhesives, frame etc. The combination of premium parts and a top rate assembly team is what really makes a premium iPhone replacement screen.

Standard is Okay Premium is Much Better…

Most of the time, you will be satisfied with a standard quality screen, and it can save you $20-$60. The most common complaints with standard quality are; faster breaks, poor touch function, poor color or cosmetic defects. If you use your phone a lot, you may want to upgrade to the Premium iPhone replacement screens. Premium Screens will be very close to perfect cosmetically, functionally, and should last until you drop it again.

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